Be Reborn From Ash
Join The Guard
The Phoenix Guard is a friendly Mordhau community that facilitates both casual and competitive play. We offer several servers for different game modes in both NA and EU regions, multiple weekly events, roleplaying, in-house scrims, and an advanced dueling mentorship in the form of our squire/knight system. The best of our fighters can join our competitive team, where they can fight for supremacy against other Mordhau teams. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, non-toxic, friendly to all levels of experience, and focus on both enjoying the game while improving our skills.
Here in the Phoenix Guard, we have a few core values we ask our members to adhere to:

* Be respectful and inclusive to all members regardless of rank.
* Share knowledge with new players and encourage them to grow.
* Keep the Mordhau community friendly and mature.
* Represent the Phoenix Guard with dignity and professionalism.
* Contribute to the growth of the community for general prosperity.
Faces of The Guard